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About Fjaler

Arrival and scenery: Fjaler is a coastal municipality, beautifully situated on the south bank of the Dalsfjord in the southwestern area of Sogn og Fjordane. The municipality centre Dale can be reached from Førde after a 40 minutes drive. The drives from Dale to Lammetun in the west and to Heggheim in the southeast are of about the same length. After regulations of the municipality borders in 1990 all land area to the north of the fjord was given to the municipalities of Askvoll and Gaular, and the Våge area to the south was added to Fjaler.

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Geography: Fjaler has a land area of more than 400 km2. Fjaler stretches from typical coastal scenery in the west to inland areas with relatively high mountains in the east. The geography makes us vulnerable to acid rain. Thus the biggest river in the municipality - the Guddal river - was limed in 1997.


Population figure: The municipality holds around 3000 inhabitants.


Employment: For many years industry (barrels and skis) has been a traditional way of earning a living in the Dalsfjord area. Today only parts of the industry is left - the production of shoes (Dale skofabrikk). New modern employment is taking over (Elis) (Transplant) These factories are the most important ones in this area. Fjaler is a typical agricultural municipality which concentrates on forestry. This can easily be seen in many parts of the scenery.  In addition to this there are also fish farms which play an important role for the municipality, both concerning employment and economy.


Education and culture: There is a long and strong tradition of education in the municipality, starting off by Nikka Vonen's  school for girls, continuing with Dale college (a secondary comprehensive school) and the last one so far is the new Red Cross Nordic United Word College (RCNUWC) at Haugland (founded 1995). Fjaler is happy to present itself as a cultural municipality with both a nordic and international aspect. Nordic Centre for Artists (Nordisk Kunstnarsenter) situated on Dalsåsen (1998) is together with RCNUWC the basis for this. The new building by the fjord in Dale, Transplant ( 2007), tells us that Fjaler also can give place for new and exciting places to work and visit. The popular poet Jakob Sande was born, grew up and was buried here. During his entire life Fjaler was very important to him. His birthplace Klokkargarden is open to visit. You can find more information on Dale in separate leaflets




Fjaler kommune Fjalerhuset Postboks 54
6961 Dale i Sunnfjord
E-post :
: 57 73 80 00

: 57 73 80 01
: 864968422
: 3741.07.10103
: 1429
: 0800-1545 (vinter) 0800-1500 (sommar)
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Fjaler kommune, Postboks 54, 6961 Dale i Sunnfjord. Tlf 57 73 80 00. Fax 57 73 80 01 864968422